英文名:Pets 4D
  片长:13分26秒 (13 mins)  


​When three adorable puppies, ready for adoption, are stolen from the pet shelter, it;s up to two cats, two dogs, a pig, a rat and a macaw to save the day! The “Rescue Heroes” use their unique skills to track down and confront the bad guys in an action-packed, slapstick showdown.

英文名:The Secrets of Gravity: In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein

片长:10分49秒 (11 mins)


简介:为什么没有魔法东西会掉到地上? 年轻魔法学徒林布拉德对宇宙奥秘的兴趣远远超过了那些无聊的咒语。他着迷于星星、宇宙和自然法则。一天晚上,他偷偷溜进爱因斯坦博物馆,在那里他遇见了ALBYX3,一个知道所有关于阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦和他理论的小巧、聪明而古怪的机器人。

​Why do things fall to the ground without magic?The young magician’s apprentice LIMBRADUR is far more interested in the universe and its secrets than boring magic spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. So, one night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum, where he meets ALBYX3, a small, clever but rather quirky robot who knows all about Albert Einstein AND HIS THEORIES.

英文名:Cute Ones on Plateau
片长:10分钟 (10 mins)


On the Tibetan Plateau, there lived a group of cute pikas, as well as their neighbors, the Tibetan gazelles and kiangs. The kiangs normally lead a disciplinary life. But one of them took the opposite path from home. The pikas followed the kiang’s steps all the way. Unexpectedly they were targeted by the eagle. 

英文名:Flying to the Moon
片长:31分 (31 mins)


​The 3D film "flying to the Moon" focuses on the past, present and future of  China's lunar exploration program, and provides a comprehensive introduction to the lunar exploration,  landing, and stationing of this program.


英文名:One Day on Mars
    片长:27分17秒 (27 mins)   


​Join this expedition to Mars and enjoy a thrilling immersive experience. You’ll dive into the depths of seemingly bottomless canyons and brave the violent winds that sweep across the Red Planet’s icy dunes. Set to music by Dumas, One Day… on Mars will take you to a world that mankind, in its ongoing search for life, could well visit in just a few decades.

英文名:Precursor——Guo Shoujing Astronomical Achievements
片长:15分 (15 mins) 


​Guo Shoujing(1231-1316)is a famous astronomer in China's Yuan Dynasty. His many astronomical achievements have been leading the world for hundreds of years. Teachers and students from Hebei Normal University in China used Panorama shooting, three-dimensional animation and other immersive imaging means to pay tribute to the astronomical precursor. Let us follow the footsteps of the female sound engineer to explore Guo Shoujing's great astronomical achievements.

英文名:Giant Panda Adventure
      片长:24分钟 (24 mins)       


​The documentary takes viewers to China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Panda to see the growing up of cube cubs. It also shows how giant pandas fall in love and set up their families, tracing their cub’s journey from birth to raise and release endangered pandas into the wild.

英文名:Meteorite Impacts and the Life
       片长:17分29秒 (17 mins)     



​Based on the evolution of life on Earth, this film focuses on the development of dinosaurs from its appearance 230 million years ago to its sudden extinction  65 million years ago. It explains the The Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction event that led to the extinction of dinosaurs.

  片长:22分06秒 (22 mins)  



​A journey through some of the best research centers in the world looking for that amazing link between life and most energetic phenomena in the Universe. The death of distant stars floods the space with small particles. They have the ability not only to change life on our planet but also to create the basic blocks for life in the cold and dark interstellar medium.

英文名:The Celestial Palace
      片长:21分13秒 (21 mins)     


​The Celestial Palace is the first dome show about ancient Chinese astronomy. It shows the Three Enclosures and the 28 Mansions-celestial coordinate system peculiar to the Chinese in Chinese painting style.

英文名:Marquis of Haihun
       片长:49分钟 (49 mins)       



​In 1911, a failed tomb-raiding had opened up a seven-year archaeological excavation. But now, with the excavation of his tomb, the discovery of vivid materials and the application of advanced technologies can make scholars have a more comprehensive interpretation of his life and that remote period.

英文名:200 Years of Surgery
    片长:50分钟 (50 mins)    



​The eight-episode television documentary 200 Years of Surgery, is the first documentary in China which sheds light on humankind’s resistance against diseases from the perspective of surgeons. 

英文名:Le voyage de Noe
 片长:13分06秒 (13 mins) 



​Join Noah on his adventure at the Zoo as he explores the wildlife and flora around him.

英文名:Arabian Nights One Thousand and One Stars
                片长:16分12秒 (16 mins)                   


​Why do many of the brightest stars have Arabic names? As the moon rises over Kuwait City, a mother reads a book at bedtime to eager children, transporting us all back to the golden age of Islamic astronomy. See the night sky in a new light. Hear from colorful characters: a Bedouin girl, a famous Caliph, Al Sufi the astronomer. At the end, the inspired children soar across the Universe in their imaginations: the story of astronomy, a quest for discovery, can continue in us all.

英文名:GENIUS - Bill Gates & Jobs
   片长:60分钟 (60 mins)   



​It tells the story of the inventors who changed our lives. They are heroes and great creative minds. They gave us airplanes, televisions, pistols, atomic bombs and iPods. And behind every great talent there is an equally great adversary who has broken through the competition and changed our world.

英文名:Little Ants Adventure
    片长:9分42秒 (10 mins)    



​Meet great friends Qin and Ding as they try to fly and end up hurtling through the forest using a leaf as their mode of transport. Follow them as they slalom through the branches and swim through the river on a roller coaster journey brushing with nature at its best.


英文名:The Wonderful Starrynight
    片长:31分58秒 (32 mins)   


​The Wonderful Starry Night is a classic planetarium show that takes changes of astrology in different seasons as a clue and introduces the names, locations of the most important constellations throughout the day. It guide you to a beautiful and educational starry journey.

球幕类电影 / Fulldome  Films

英文名:Panda Roller - Journey to New Home
     片长:17分钟 (17 mins)     



​The Movie is about the forest that the panda Roller lives in is going through a disaster, where the bam boo is blossomed and food is elusive. In order to change this situation and give his mother a new life, Roller starts a hard journey. He witnesses the greatness of friendship, and defeats the fierce jackals during the journey. Finally, it becomes an unforgettable and amazing journey.

英文名:We Are Aliens!
 片长:23分15秒 (23 mins) 

简介:如今在地球这个小世界上,人类的连接已比以往任何时候都更好更快,但地球之外呢?我们有一天能成为银河社区的一份子,分享我们的知识和想法吗? 地球是唯一有生命的星球吗?

​Earth. It’s now a small world. The human race is connected better and faster than ever before but what about elsewhere? Could we one day be part of a galactic community sharing our knowledge and ideas? Or is Earth the only planet with life?

片长:21分钟 (21 mins)


​Vast and hot on the African savannah, kay o small blue eagle fly freely in the sky, he accepted the strict training, from the father bird now was the kid wanted to become a Zhao Yue father flying ace, ah kay to poor tired, vomit canyon, his desire for an exciting adventure, suddenly one day he learned that the city of birds from stork blended saddle mouth mouth the zambeze exist, can not help with longing, forward on the road is full of twists and turns and suffering, but they can’t stop the growth of a child.

英文名:The Sun, Our Living Star
 片长:24分43秒 (25 mins)  


The Sun has shone on our world for four and a half billion years. The light that warms our skin today has been felt by every person who has ever lived. It is our nearest star and our planet’s powerhouse, the source of the energy that drives our winds, our weather and all life. 

英文名:Rice Road
   片长:50分钟 (50 mins)   


China, the hometown of rice, has spread rice in all directions over the past thousands of years, which makes many countries closely linked and people's lives closely linked. Through the examination of "Rice", this widely circulated specific food; this film sees how the Chinese civilization loaded on rice is closely linked with the civilizations of all countries, forming a specific cultural circle.

英文名:Kyma, Power of Waves
    片长:29分13秒 (29 mins)   


​Kyma transports audiences into a 360-degree allegorical tale of how our universe — and everyone in it — is composed of waves. Exploring everything from music to light, from the smallest particle to vast galaxies, Kyma is a voyage through the wavelength of life, a stunning and immersive show that combines the skills of artists, musicians and acrobats.

英文名:The Night Sky Concert
 片长:31分58秒 (32 mins) 


​The Night Sky Concert is a musical performed by constellations. Each dominating constellation in the starry night sings a theme song of their own, showing their characteristics and tales, and telling you how to recognize and remember them. This show is also a collection of spectacular astronomy views - from the Big Bang to the birth and death of the stars, as well as the history and culture about ancient astronomy.

英文名:Capcom Go! The Apollo Story
  片长:26分01秒 (26mins)   


简介:CAPCOM GO!这是阿波罗计划的成就,以及将近50年前第一个人类登上月球所取得的成就。它是新一代人带来难以克服的挑战,并将激励他们成为未来的探索者、设计师、工程师、思想家和梦想家。      

CAPCOM GO! Celebrates the achievements of the Apollo programme and what it took to put the first human on the Moon almost 50 years ago. It will introduce a new generation to the immense challenges they overcame and will inspire them to become the explorers, designers, engineers, thinkers and dreamers of the future. 

英文名:Salt For Life


Our planet is a planet of salt. Salt was once the most desirable commodity of human being, as precious as money. Even if we turn back a page of the whole human civilization,  we will find that salt has played an extremely important role. On human social life in addition to seasoning. Salt has created a colorful history of human life.in all corners of the world. For most of the time when people has been there, they have been searching for salt enthusiastically, trading salt and competing for salt. 

2019年第七届北京国际科技电影展  展映影片

Films Screened at the 7th BISTFF 2019

英文名:Mexica Archaeoastronomy
片长:20分 (20 mins)  


Through impressive immersive scenarios, "Mexica Archaeoastronomy: between space and time" illustrates the important role played by astronomical observation for the evolution of pre-Hispanic cultures in central Mexico. 

英文名:My coach,Newton!
 片长:25分钟 (25 mins)  



Sports are varied, and the extraordinary human functions displayed by high-level athletes are amazing. But no matter how complex or simple the motion is, its motion principle is determined by the most basic physical principle. 

3D & 2D类电影/ 3D & 2D Films

英文名:Wild Savanna
 片长:17分钟 (17 mins)



The film tells the story of the little protagonist traveled from the Shanghai Natural History Museum to the wild Savanna, and turned into a new born wildebeest. This is a life adventure, a process of growth, and a fragment of the Wild Savanna.

4D类电影 / 4D  Films


片长:52分钟 (52 mins)


A journey through some of the best research centers in the world looking for that amazing link between life and most energetic phenomena in the Universe. The death of distant stars floods the space with small particles. They have the ability not only to change life on our planet but also to create the basic blocks for life in the cold and dark interstellar medium.

 片长:26分钟 (26 mins)


After a plane crash, a circus Capulet named SAI miraculously survived and returned to the thick amazon rainforest on his own. Facing this sometimes dangerous and sometimes magnificent world, he must learn to adapt to the strange environment and protect himself from the beast. SAI will embark on a long and unknown journey. 


    片长:21分26秒 (21 mins)   


​An immersive experience about the beauty of Auroras. Take a journey across time and space to understand the science behind the phenomena and to experience the stories of our ancestors. Guided by the lullaby of the Dawn Goddess. This cinematic adventure invites the audience to join the dance of these eerie lights over remote Icelandic landscapes.




英文名:EXO: Are We Alone?
   片长:33分15秒 (34 mins)   



​Humankind has always sought to understand the mysteries of the Universe and speculated about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Today we know of thousands of exoplanets — planets located outside our Solar System — that offer valuable information about our own planet, its origins and life on Earth. We’re on the cusp of making some fascinating discoveries. But how will they change our lives?

英文名:UFO and Aliens
   片长:22分59秒 (23 mins)  


​Are we alone? Human beings have kept looking for the answer of this question. According to the estimation of scientists, how many planets in the universe are given the opportunity to hold life? Why hadn’t those aliens made contact with us? And how can we find evidence of their existence? In the deepest sense, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence is a search for ourselves and our future.

英文名:Moonbase One
         片长:28分06秒 (28 mins)          


​The Moon has always captivated humanity inspiring us to leave the world behind and venture into space, Come on an amazing adventure as we strive to understand our magnificent neighbor the Moon. Taking place across the night of a full moon, we join a Virtual Reality games developer as she struggles to work out what is wrong with her new games. The game is set on the Moon and is based on real science. Its due for launch, but there’s a problem. Could the bug be something to do with the phases of the Moon or how it was formed?

英文名:Whale Dreams

片长:29分37秒 (29 mins)


Since ancient times people believe that material world consists of five essential elements – fire, air, water, earth and space. Come for a journey through the universe to discover the origins of five elements. Let the mythical huge whale guide your transformation from giant to infinitely small.


英文名:COSMOS ODYSSEY - Our Quest to Discover the Universe
    片长:28分41秒 (29 mins)    


​the scope of the universe that humankind understands has expanded with the development astronomy. Let us explore the latest observation technology in astronomy, which has evolved from the mythological universe of ancient times, Ptolemy’s geocentric theory and heliocentric theory, the revolution brought on by the invention of the telescope, spectrum analysis and modern astronomical observatories.